10 outdoor adventures just on your doorstep

10 outdoor adventures just on your doorstep

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There’s simply nothing like that ‘on top of the world’ feeling when you experience a new adventure so exhilarating that you want it to last forever, but the question is where can you go to get a heart-stopping natural high that isn’t a million miles away?

The truth is Australia and our incredible islands are still virtually undiscovered by most and it’s here that we find a hidden gem full of once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventures, Lord Howe Island. On Lord Howe Island, natural ways to get your kicks are just run-of-the mill and the good news is you don’t have to leave the country. Lord Howe Island is just two hours from Sydney, Port Macquarie or Brisbane but it’s a world away from the hectic city life on the mainland. A world heritage listed island with only 350 residents and a 400 visitor cap at any one time – Lord Howe Island offers genuine solitude but with a daredevil spirit. It’s hard to pick just 10 outdoor adventures to experience on Lord Howe Island, but we think we’ve cracked it

1. Snorkel the pristine waters

Explore the southernmost coral reef with some of the best views of vibrant coral in Australia. Experience night snorkels if weather permits.

2. Hike to the summit of Mount Gower

Try one of Australia’s best rated ‘day hikes’ – climb to the summit of Mount Gower: an eight-hour round-trip to get an incredible view right across the Southern Pacific Ocean that is unrivalled…

3. Play with the turtles

Lord Howe Island is host to a population of turtles throughout September to May that follow the tropical current to the island. There are three turtle varieties; Green, Hawksbill and Logger Head. Spot them from a glass-bottomed boat or swim with them in the water; it’s up to you!

4. Dive the base of Ball’s Pyramid

Ball’s Pyramid is the tallest sea stack in the world. If you’re brave enough to dive to the depths beneath the water you may even see the most incredible sea life such as the island’s diverse fish species, sharks and stingrays.

5. Surf the winds

Kite surf with the pros in some of the best conditions in the country. Don’t forget your GoPro to catch the best of the action!

6. Glide on the calm water

Try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding in a protected crystal clear lagoon, good fun for beginners and pros alike!

7. Hike to Goat House Cave

It’s a four-hour return climb to the cave; ascend the steep hike for a majestic and rewarding view at the top. Spectacular views can also be found at the viewing platforms at neighbouring Intermediate Hill or Transit Hill.

8. Fish the Kings of Lord Howe

Lord Howe Island enjoys several fish species including the Lord Howe Double-Header Wrasse, Silver Drummers, Bluefish, Silver Trevally and Kingfish. If you don’t fancy heading out on a boat, you can even hand feed the fish from the beach. For a small gold coin contribution you can hand feed fish food to the fish while standing knee deep in the water.

9. Swim at a deserted beach

Swim at uncrowded beaches where you will likely not see another soul for hours.

10. Kayak to a unpopulated island

Take a guided kayak tour out to the offshore islands and explore the waters and wildlife on the islands

Your next outdoor adventure awaits you at Lord Howe Island. For your chance to win 7 days and 7 nights on Lord Howe Island tell us in 25 words or less what paradise means to you. Visit www.lordhoweisland.info/competition to enter.

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