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World Heritage

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In 1982, The Lord Howe Island Group was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property, in recognition of the global significance of the islandโ€™s beauty and biodiversity.

World Heritage at Lard Howe Island

The Lord Howe Island Group World Heritage property now includes the main island, offshore islets and Balls Pyramid, totalling about 1,455 hectares of land. A further 145,000 hectares of marine environment are included in the World Heritage Area.

The islandโ€™s isolation and its varied landscape of mountains, valleys, hills, lowlands and sea-cliffs have resulted in a diverse array of habitat types supporting many distinctive flora and fauna assemblages. Vegetation ranges from exposed coastal grasses and heath to luxuriant mossy rainforest shrouded in mist.

Today, approximately 75 percent of the islandโ€™s original natural vegetation remains intact and undisturbed. Likewise, its beaches, coral reef and marine environment are pristine.

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