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Snorkel the pristine waters surrounding the island

The Lord Howe Island Marine Park is an underwater paradise. Many of the diverse and colourful marine life that lives within the marine park are close to shore and can be seen while snorkeling.

The calm waters of the lagoon are ideal for kids. Paddle at the edge or snorkel above colourful corals just metres from the shore.

Hire snorkeling gear from the dive shops or at Ned’s Beach use the masks, fins, and snorkels stored there for the cost of a contribution to the ‘honesty box’.

Bodysurf at Blinky Beach, or swim in the open ocean at Ned’s Beach.

Fast Facts

  • The Lord Howe Island waters are home to an astounding 500 species of fish and 90 coral species.
  • A State Marine Park was declared in 1998 and a Commonwealth Marine Park in 1999 – this is the world’s cleanest and clearest ocean: it’s like swimming in an aquarium!
  • The sparkling lagoon is protected by the world’s southern-most coral reef, creating a spectacular line of white surf against a blue backdrop of the South Pacific Ocean.

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