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Just paradise.
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Lord Howe Island is Just Paradise. Immerse in Lord Howe's spectacular World Heritage-listed natural surroundings and experience some of the world’s best day hikes, snorkel the world's southernmost coral reef, hand-feed the fish at Ned’s Beach and wander along white-sanded beaches.

Welcoming just 400 visitors at any one time, this island paradise is a quick two-hour flight from Australia's east coast. Now is the perfect time to visit.


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From glass bottom boat turtle tours to Ball's Pyramid scenic cruises explore the range of tours on Lord Howe Island

Bird watching

Lord Howe Island is Australia’s premier bird watching destination, with 14 species of seabirds choosing this island paradise to next and raise their chicks.


Surrounded by Marine Park, the diversity of species, terrain, methods – and the sheer abundance of fish – rank Lord Howe among the world’s top fishing destinations.

Lord Howe Activities

Take a stand-up paddle board to explore the pristine waters of the lagoon, or kayak to Blackburn Island - there are loads of things to do on Lord Howe Island.

Hiking and Day Walks

Lord Howe Island is famous for its wonderful walks and hikes though subtropical forests and along coastal ridges, each offering spectacular views.

Snorkeling and Diving

Lord Howe is legendary for snorkelling and diving the crystal clear waters of the world's southernmost coral reef.


Invest in your health on Lord Howe Island, with a range of yoga sessions, massage treatments and physiotherapy on offer.


Travel Essentials

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Where is Lord Howe Island?

When To Go

When is the best time to travel to Lord Howe Island?

Getting There

How to get to Lord Howe Island?

Places To Stay

Lord Howe Island welcomes just 400 visitors at any one time, which means it’s never crowded. As accommodation is limited, it’s important to book flights and accommodation at the same time.

There’s a great range of accommodation available on Lord Howe including lodges, guesthouses and self-contained apartments. To send an email enquiry direct to a preferred accommodation, click the ‘enquire’ button. QantasLink flights may be booked online, or alternatively flight bookings, accommodation and complete holiday packages are available through specialist travel agents.

ALL Accommodation


Lord Howe offers a range of great dining options, from home-style fare to and contemporary cuisine. Enjoy home-baked roast dinners and the island’s famous ‘fish fries’ to sophisticated menus featuring internationally-inspired fine dining.



Points of Interest

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Points of Interest

Mt Gower, Ned’s Beach, Ball’s Pyramid, Erscott’s Hole, North Bay, Transit Hill, Blinky Beach, Malabar Hill, Old Settlement, Admiralty Islands.


Endemic Species

Lord Howe Island is considered an outstanding example of an island ecosystem evolved from submarine volcanic activity.


Marine Park

A little over 600 kilometres from the north coast of NSW, rising through the clear waters of the southwest Pacific Ocean, lies the remains of an extinct volcano.


Geology and Geography

Lord Howe Island is a remnant of a now-extinct shield volcano, dating some 7 million years, which has been eroded to one-fortieth of its original size.




Located 600km from the nearest large landmass, lord howe is one of the “cleanest” places on earth, with no air or sea pollution or litter.



While the rest of the world ponders over the recent news that a million species globally are facing extinction from human activities, Lord Howe Island is celebrating the success of 40 years protecting its unique species, by removing the last introduced feral mammal pests.


World Heritage

In 1982, the lord howe island group was listed as a unesco world heritage property, in recognition of the global significance of the island’s beauty and biodiversity.


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3 April 2023: Lord Howe Island re-opens the entire Permanent Park Preserve.

The southern walking tracks in the Permanent Park Preserve (PPP) have been officially re-opened, with immediate effect, meaning the entire PPP is now open in full to visitors.

After a further systematic search of the settlement track network in the PPP, no new myrtle rust infection points have been detected.

Successful treatment of known myrtle rust sites, extensive and ongoing monitoring together with establishment of hygiene stations and rigorous protocols have meant that the entire PPP can be safely reopened.

The LHIB and National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) staff will continue to be located at key track heads during high-traffic times to demonstrate and assist with correct hygiene protocols and provide information to walkers before they set out.

Additional hygiene stations have been set up at frequently visited locations throughout the island and we are also working with airlines and travel agents to further enhance biosecurity measures before visitors arrive on the island, to minimise the risk of myrtle rust being transported onto the island in the future.

The reopening of the PPP is a result of the combined effort of the community, visitors, LHIB, NPWS and Lord Howe Island Tourism cooperating for the continued protection of the unique values of Lord Howe, and our thanks are extended to all parties involved.